Custom Work

La Wren’s Nest is well-known for its customized early period clothing, accessories and other early period items.

If you are looking for an early period clothing or other accessory and don’t see it already on our website or can’t find it anywhere else, contact us about doing custom tailored clothing.  Please include as much information as possible, such as descriptions, diagrams, pictures, desired materials, etc.

Our custom work is based on the cost of materials, patterns and jigs made, research time and our labor costs

Initial Consultation Fee:  $50.00
Hourly Rate: $25.00, minimum 1 hour

Set-up: (which may include, but not limited to, patterns, body molds or jigs):  determined by hourly rate of $25.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour

Materials:  determined by project

Consultation fees or other fees may be waived or adjusted at our discretion.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for a custom piece, more time may be required, depending on complexity of project and research time.

Custom Work Gallery