RR6050N – Montefortino A. Helmet


Early Period Roman Brass Helmet, 4th to 3rd Centuries, B.C.

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The earliest forms of Roman helmets were called “Montefortino”, after the first major find site and were the type of helmets that the early Republican consular armies would have used. These ranged from the 4th century BC to the 1st century AD. These helmets were made from brass and domed in shape, with a small extension at the back as a neck guard. They normally have a plug-in plume holder on the crown of the helmet, which was conical in shape and in the earliest forms with a scalloped decoration on the plume holder.
Front to back: 8 1/4″
Side to Side: 7 3/8″
24 1/2″ around

keywords: Roman helmet, brass, early period, montefortino, reenactment

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